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About Us

We are a Taiwan-based group of international converts to the legendary delights of Taiwan High Mountain Oolong Tea, dedicated to the goal of spreading the art and craft of this ancient Chinese tradition the world over.

We are also here to help you get acquainted with the art and craft of Taiwanese High Mountain Oolong, and provide assistance in ordering tea pots, tea trays, tea cups, and, of course, tea.

Please browse our shop menu, in particular our range of Taiwan Oolongs, some of the finest organic high mountain oolongs this earth has to offer.....

If you like tea, you will absolutely love High Mountain Oolong. If you've never liked tea, High Mountain Oolong is likely to change your mind.

Join the growing international fraternity of converts and connoisseurs: you will wonder how you ever managed to live without it!



oolong-tea.org taiwan oolong tea company - owner and manager, jolene

Owner, Buyer & General Manager, Jolene